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Beringen becomes the first city in Limburg where rats are no longer captured using poison.

In several municipalities in Flanders, an increasing number of rats are causing nuisance. Traditionally, poison traps were used, but that is gradually changing. For instance, the city of Beringen has decided to address the rat problem in an ecological way, without the use of conventional rat poison. Beringen is thus the first city in Limburg to adopt this system on a large scale.

IO-Things has played a key role in developing this system and was responsible for designing the PCB and all software components. With our mobile app, rat catchers can remotely monitor rat activity and activate the system when rats have gained sufficient trust. Strygoo is not only highly efficient but also an ecological solution that aligns with our philosophy of avoiding the use of poison and protecting other animals such as squirrels, hedgehogs, and owls.