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IoT sensors that generate a lot of data and consume little power.

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The Bin Thing

IoT enabled waste monitoring

The Bin Thing is a small affordable waste sensor. This laser sensor was designed with a small form factor to enable easy integration into existing waste bins. A built-in accelerometer reports how often the waste basked was used and when the bin was emptied.

‚ÄčCompared to more traditional acoustic distance measuring sensors, our solution excels both in precision and energy consumption.


Strygoo is a multi-catch rat trap that utilizes low-power IoT technology to control rats in a humane and effective manner. Io-Things developed both the control system and firmware for this product.

Strygoo customers can easily manage the non-toxic rat trap system through the Io-Things portal website and its accompanying mobile app. These platforms offer a user-friendly and flexible experience, making it easy to monitor the system and empty the trap.

The non-toxic rat trap system provides a sustainable and eco-friendly solution for effective rat control, contributing to a greener and cleaner world.